Etihad Airways

Etihad's new generation travel companion app has been designed with the principles of reducing the stress level of passengers throughout their journey and ensuring greater engagement between passengers and the airline.

An understanding of Etihad's goals and current state began to deepen through app strategy workshops with nearly 20 key stakeholders. We understand the situations in the context of industry experience and know how to help to strategize further and begin to take practical steps towards those visions from all perspectives: Engineering, design, and business.


Senior Product Designer & Art Director

Focus Areas

Design Sprint, Customer Experience, User Experience, User-Aesthetic Motion and UI


Reaktor B.V.

A user experience defined by business drivers

About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the second flag carrier of the UAE. Its head office is in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, near Abu Dhabi's International Airport.

The airline operates more than 1,000 flights per week to over 120 passenger and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America

Project highlights

→ Co-Creation
→ User Research
→ Design Sprint
→ Project Roadmap
→ Concept Design
→ Visual Design
→ Motions & Prototyping
→ Art brief

A systematic approach to problem-solving, idea validation and in-house innovation.

Co-creation as one team, with comprised
of key Etihad stakeholders

Current Digital Behavior

Project Key Driver Defined

Project key drivers: Customer Experience, Self-Service, Incremental Revenue

Customer Experience

Understanding guests holistically, in context, and providing them with the right choices at the right times.

Turning negatives into positives by helping guests when something goes wrong.

Differentiating through realizing the unique opportunities of Midfield Airport.


Providing passengers with easy to use tools to  solve problems independently.

Optimizing call centers, check-in desks, and overall ground staff operations accordingly.

Incremental Revenue

Create opportunities to improve travel experience by promoting the right offer at the right time.  

Remove all obstacles for a seamless buying and paying experience.

Design Language
and Visual direction

The design language of Etihad is luxury and airy; its key user interface components are made to appear thin and lightweight.


The message is clear, the tone is direct and the use of the cabin interior throughout the experience makes consistence.


The Etihad Altis typeface is our corporate typeface 21st century interpretation of a grotesque sans-serif typeface.

Inform one step ahead, to remove worry and create trust

Context aware, expandable, and always-up-to-date

To provide a seamless traveler’s companion experience – and to drive self-service and guest engagement – the service adapts to the guest’s current situation in the journey.

Context aware interface during travel
The right actions at the right time

Travel companion
Up to date information always available

Expandable bottom sheet
All relevant actions on one screen

Product design rationale

→ Remain one step ahead of the Guest, when guiding them on their journey, by providing context aware and up to date information about upcoming events.

→ Utilize the travel companion’s fundamental idea of interface elements updating based on user needs throughout the app experience.

→ Critical information is always available, presented in bite-sized chunks, moving the guests through the moments in their journey.

→ Provide guests with as much control, transparency and reliable information about their journey as possible.

Getting ready for the flight

Before Flight

During Flight

Before & During Flight

Functional style, with great attention to detail

Etihad brand colors are supported by distinguishable colors to call out important interactions. Using animation, we celebrate movement and the endless opportunities it makes possible. We grab the user's attention when necessary and bring small moments of delight when appropriate.  

Airport services and
indoor navigation

Promotion of Midfield airport services and 3rd party offers.

Travel companion at Midfield
Services and 3rd party offers for a pleasant layover

Indoor way finding
Information and guidance at the airport

Loyalty program and relevant travel information.

Frequent flyer miles and promotions
Travel documents in digital format
Payment methods